Local Luxury Lunch Options

Sometimes you need to make lunch a little bit fancy, weather you are visiting for a special occasion like an anniversary, or here on business and need to make a good impression, sometimes the atmosphere can make all the difference! We have listed our five favorite food highlights that tick all the boxes!


Located on Drake Street in the incredibly popular and lavish Victoria Park Markets, Matterhorn is in the ideal location to enjoy company with someone and be in a place that isn’t surrounded by noise.Take the time to cruise the menu options, including wild rabbit and red deer and enjoy the warm dark setting, perfect for those unpredictable winter/spring days Auckland is infamous for!

Odettes Eatery

Nestled in the City Works Depot, Odette’s is bursting with a lively ambiance, modern relaxed design, great music, friendly helpful staff make this a hassle free and tasty experience! Their noon menu consists of a range of sharing plates, if you are unsure of what to choose from, the staff are more than happy to give a sales pitch on what you should indulge in.

The Lunchroom

It’s all in the name! Right there! The Lunchroom is nestled deep in the bustling Auckland CBD area, high above and able to overlook the hectic Britomart intersection through the large floor to ceiling windows, perfectly placed for those looking for a quick business lunch. Enjoy a quick bite from the cabinet or a longer lunch with their friendly service available until four.


Located in the Seafarers building, Ostro, provides you with the bounties of the sea and local land served in exquisite fashion while allowing its guests to be captivated by the Auckland harbor view. The oysters are a hit, and match the scenery quite well, but the menu suits everyone no matter your taste. Located near some of the best bars on the waterfront, it’s the perfect place to turn that late lunch into early afternoon drinks!

The Botanist

he beautiful, light and airy space, complemented by the in-house florist/shrubbery enthusiast and ample parking makes The Botanist one of the best spots to enjoy a quick light lunch from the cabinet. Choose from an array of colorful salads and toasted wraps, matched with either their own special blend from Three Beans Coffee or a freshly squeezed juice. A ten-seater communal table provides space for larger group –  perfect if you are here for business.