Auckland on a Budget: Cheap activities in the big city

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Welcome to the second part of a two part series that covers how to tackle Auckland on a budget! Travelling is never cheap and if you wanting to take full advantage of the city but want to do so without breaking the bank, then we have you covered. When travelling find activities that aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg can be hard, especially if you are travelling with the whole family, but don’t worry we have your back, we have done the research and found five activities that are both cheap and exciting!

Manukau Heads Lighthouse

Fill up your car tank and make your way to Manukau Heads Lighthouse to get a  totally free amazing view of the city, enjoy a great walk where you can take in the sun, the sea air and learn a bit about the local history. If you are really lucky you might even spot a Maui dolphin – a rare breed of dolphin indigenous to New Zealand who are known to swim around the area.

Island Exploring

Speaking of adventures, for the simple cost of a return ticket on a ferry you could be dropped on either Waiheke or Rangitoto Island and soak up all new surroundings! If you pick a sunny day, just strolling around the island is enough to get your money’s worth especially if you want to see some of our nature, views and history.

The Lightpath

If urban exploring is more of your thing then you can’t go past the bright pink path that takes you all across the central city! The Lightpath which is more widely known as the Pink Bridge amongst Aucklanders offers a few of the city and intersections like no other and it’s 100% free, if you have some money to spare jump on an ONZO and do the path on a bike!

Auckland Art Gallery and Memorial Musesum

If you prefer to be indoors and want to Soak up some art, history and culture at the Auckland Art Gallery and museum. This is a perfect double whammy for a day trip and both are super cheap for what you get in return. Each feature classic pieces and new exhibitions so it’s always a refreshing and educational time.

Local live Music

Check out Auckland’s gig scene, they’re often either free or cheap with door sales and the talent is strong. One of our fave places to suggest is Whammy Bar, wine cellar or galatos its well worth it and the drinks are always cheap as well, who knows, you may just catch the next Lorde!