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Best Kai in Kohi: Restaurants and Bars to Please the Pallet in Kohimarama.

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Enjoying a drink or a bite to eat by the water is something everyone can agree is a prime experience, and with Aarangi Motel being central to both Mission Bay and Kohimarama, you have the selection of two great social hubs by the water to choose from.

Mission bay houses a wide variety of restaurants with different themes and flavors to choose from. Dos Amigos is an authentic Mexican restaurant located directly across the waterfront and offers dishes made from traditional recipes and the restaurant itself is also authentic in style, with a Latin American theme, including decorations down to sombrero-wearing pet lizards?! Dos Amigos is a famous location with authentic flavor and has everything you need to feed the family or just enjoy some good food and one or more cocktails by the water! Speaking of beverages, we can’t discuss wining and dining in mission Bay without mentioning De Fontein Belgian Beer Café. De Fontein features both an upstairs restaurant with a large balcony with views across the water to Rangitoto and a downstairs bar and pavement seating, ideal enjoying a delicious pint of craft beer.

Kohimarama also offers a selection of international flavors by the waterfront as well, Der Metz offers traditional German food across their menu (Including a variety of schnitzel), as well as a selection of German beer in large, German pints! The décor is also undeniably German, with flags and beer cozies littering the walls in German pride. If you are looking for something to enjoy during a day trip to Kohi Beach, Kohi Corner is a perfect drop-in point for premium café food, or to enjoy a selection of craft beers, extensive wine sections, and cocktails. This casual cafe has been the local favourite and is located right on the waterfront, it’s the perfect place to cool off and re-energize during a productive day at the beach! For a standout experience in wining and dining, an evening at The Attic is one you won’t forget anytime soon, their website makes a clear point of standing out from the other restaurants in the area by being a Gastro Pub.  The menu is packed with a high-end Kiwi dining experience that includes grilled foods, burgers, seafood salads and more – something to please everyone who enters. The Attics selection of tap beers, wine and cocktails are perfect to enjoy in the buildings fantastic layout that includes an outside deck for summer and a cozy lounge with a fireplace for winter nights.

So no matter what you feel like eating or drinking, and no matter the size of your group, with such a vast selection of restaurants all located by the water, you are guaranteed a fantastic night out!