Cheap and Healthy Eats Auckland

Eating while travelling is always a hassle, it can sometimes be hard to keep within budget while also wanting to get the best of what a new location has to offer, and then trying to maintain a sense of healthy eating on top of that… it can get a bit much! In a city like Auckland which is packed to the brim with diverse flavors and award-winning eats, it can be hard to choose the best options that won’t leave you feeling like you gained holiday weight. Luckily for you, we have hunted out some cheap and healthy eats form across the city for you to dive into!

Uncle Man’s

If you want to have a bit of international flare in you meals, then look no further than Uncle Man’s, with various locations across the city it’s a one-stop shop for some flaky roti, chicken curry, seafood laksa and the famous char kuey teow and mee goreng — all for less than $15 per dish. Unlike other Malaysian eateries, Uncle Man’s has an extensive dessert menu featuring guilty pleasures such as fried banana with ice cream as well as dessert roti including the roti tower!


Healthy and vegan? Welcome to Revive! Located in the heart of the CBD, this cheap eats location has everything you need from fresh salads, smoothies and juice bar and also serves a range of hot pots and soups with a daily-changing menu. Moreover, there are a range of sizes available with a small box (two choices) starting from $8.50, making it perfect for a quick lunch without hurting the wallet.

Dumplings with Wings

We all can admit that we love dumplings right? A great healthy option that can cater to all diet types, one of our favorite places is this dumpling haven which resides in leafy suburb of Remuera. Boasting a succinct menu, Dumplings With Wings offers five flavor options plus a seasonal special combination. We recommend keeping an eye on their social pages as they’re always posting about their dumpling classes or specials.

Best Ugly Bagels

If you are visiting form a smaller town, or from overseas then you just can’t not visit New Zealand’s premiere gourmet bagels from Best Ugly Bagels! With delicious and fresh bagels made on the premises, you can try any one of their crazy or classic flavours. Their cheapest bagel being just $5, you can also score a Zany Zeus organic cream cheese bagel for $7 or smeared with their housemade chocolate hazelnut spread.