Daniel Vernon

Finding your Palate in Ponsonby

There’s no doubt that Ponsonby is one of Auckland’s most popular suburbs to visit, for both locals and out of towners. Ponsonby is most known for its boutique fashion stores and bars, but also for being the hub for some of Auckland’s best restaurants.

The selection in Ponsonby is a diverse one filled with kiwi classics, award-winning eateries, and restaurants that evolve into night clubs as the night beacons. We have had a good look across the internet to find you some of the most popular selections for you to pamper your pallets with!


Located in Ponsonby’s crown jewel of dining, Ponsonby Central is Honeybear, which brings with it a new nuance of Southeast Asian cuisine to Auckland. Honeybear brings the fresh and fun flavours of Burma to Auckland, The Menu is bustling with all kinds of Burmese-Indian fusion dishes— including a local favorite: poutine! And if you decide that this is the beginning of a night out exploring Ponsonby, then you can’t finish the meal without diving into Honeybear’s cocktail menus which feature mixes named after Maharajas.

Little Bird Unbakery

I already know what you are thinking, what is an unbakery? Well, as it turns out it is a heaven for health-food lovers – All food is raw, organic and free from gluten, dairy, soy and cane sugar. But don’t start thinking that this is at all a roadblock for deliciousness, because that’s not the case at all, the food here is creative and most importantly delicious. Highlights include kimchi pancake, chia bircher and spiced chestnut waffles, and pizza – which they run specials for daily. The drinks range is also equally diverse and healthy, featuring favourites such as a large range of smoothie offerings, chocolate drinks, matcha-based drinks, cold-pressed juice, kombucha and more.

Food Truck Garage

Not only is this food truck renowned in Ponsonby, but it has also made a name for itself across the city for one popular reason: healthy fast food. Yes, you read that right, this food truck mixes the divine mouth-watering taste of fast-food and removes the guilt that comes with consuming it – it’s a win-win situation. Ask anyone and they’d tell you that the food truck is most famous for its beetroot burger, and for good reason too, filled with juicy goodness, you’ll instantly be under its spell. The menu also features new burgers; chicken crunch and epic veggie, as well as burger bowls packed between salad-stuffed lettuce cups, and hassleback fires.

Mr. Toms

This newly opened bar and restaurant has quickly become a Ponsonby favourite, giving its fellow Ponsonby eateries a run for their money. You’ll see why as soon as you open the menu which focuses on rustic pizzas, cocktails, and an approachable atmosphere—on the sunny side of Ponsonby Road. All the furniture is handcrafted in Raglan and the lovely, passionate staff will offer an experience so great that you’ll probably find yourself there until late at night as the nightlife takes over.