Where to try the best kiwi cuisine – Fish and Chips

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If you are visiting us from overseas, and you really want to sink your teeth in to some local delicacies, then you can’t look further than the classic fish and chip. Eating fish and chips is a time honoured kiwi tradition, there really isn’t anything more kiwi than deep frying some first and chips, covering it in salt and wrapping it up in some old news. If you are looking to get the full experience, we have got the top five places for you to check out!

FishSmith, Herne Bay

After having your ear chewed off by the world’s chattiest (and friendliest) guy at the counter, you can quickly tell that this is fish ‘n’ chips Herne Bay style. Fish tacos, whitebait fritters, quinoa salad, and soft shell crab burgers; FishSmith is the crème de la crème of fish and chips. With no deep-fried balls of shark in sight, FishSmith offers a healthy version of our favourite ‘greasy’ takeaway. You can pick up fresh fillets to cook at home or get them to do it for a couple of extra dollars—worth it.

Hook, Ponsonby

Previously known as Ponsonby Fish & Chips Shop have had a major revamp and decided to change half of their store to a bakery. All the bread and pastries at Hook are made onsite for those days you’re craving buttery croissants instead of deep-fried fish. That’s not to say that their fish and chips are to be missed out on. Frying up the freshest catches of the day, Hook has not forgotten their roots of being the go-to Ponsonby local fish and chippery.

Big J’s, Mt Wellington

Choose from hoki, snapper or tarakihi, and pick your choice of salt to go on your chips—go for the chicken salt if you’re a closet Maggi noodle fan. Just don’t expect any of that grilling action at Big J’s—this is a straight up deep-fried situation, and unashamedly so. Go the grease.

The Fish & Chip Shop, Sandringham, Westmere and Epsom

Props for the pan-fried panko as opposed to the usual deep-fried action we’re used to. The Fish & Chip Shop is a midway point between greasy and glam, and have some of the best fish and chips in Auckland. Get amongst thei homemade fritters which include good old corn fritters the Kiwi classic, mussel fritters. You can’t go past their Thai fish cakes either.

The Brewers, CBD

Craft beer and fish and chips go hand in hand and you’ll find them both at The Brewers Co-operative in the CBD. Perfect for city workers taking a break, Brewers serve their fish and chips in newspaper. Choose from the fish on offer and have it battered with tartare and lemon, just the way we like it. For something a little different, choose the fish burger, fish curry or fish tacos.