Wine and Dine at the Waterfront

One of the reasons many reasons people choose to stay with us (especially return customers) is our location right by the water. And who can blame them? There’s something beautifully calming about the water, especially in the evening with a nice meal and a drink or two!

In this blog we are going to recommend some of our favorite places in the city to wine and dine by the water, so you can get planning some romantic nights by the water!


We obviously have to start here, we can’t make a list about dining at the water front and not mention seas food! And let me tell you, The Crab Shack is the one spot you need to satisfy your crab cravings from the cheaper options, to the more expensive (The King Alaska Crab), but it also makes it hard to say no for either lunch or dinner with its daily special deals. Perfect for a snack or meal after a long day of exploring!


This one is a little closer to us, looking over Half Moon Bay’s promenade, Richard Cooke and Gina Henry’s sunny tap house is down-to-earth home cooking with the touch of refinement that is matched with a beautiful light-filled space adjacent to the boats that fill the marina. Grangers has quickly become a local favorite for their large selection of local craft beer and wine, if you are looking to enjoy some home-style cooked food and sink a few drinks while watching the sunset across the harbor – look no further.


This aptly named eatery is located in the city on the end of Princes Wharf, FISH mixes uninterrupted views of the Waitemata Harbour with a fresh seafood experience. Fish’s menu will be a great pallet cleanser for those visiting the country or those wanting some local flavor as it features foods traditionally grown in the Pacific mixed with the French style of cooking.


Another great eatery by the water that is just a shrt drive from the motel on Tamaki Drive, is Moreton’s. This beautiful bar comes with its picture-perfect view of Rangitoto. Mortens is the perfect all-day destination that can work for all different types of visitors. During the day it is the perfect place to visit after a few hours of exploring the waterfront and is the perfect spot for a hearty meal or sneaky beverage for that adventuring refuel. The menu has everything you could ask for, seriously, there are nine different sections, and that’s not even including dessert, drinks or the kid’s menu.

For those looking for somewhere to end the day and have some drinks by the water, Moreton’s turns into a great waterfront drinking spot. evolving into a gastropub/sports bar hybrid. The drinks list includes mostly mainstream beer and cider varieties, though there are a couple of hoppy craft brews.