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Karanagahape Road: Visit the Most Infamous Street in Auckland

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Karanagahape Road, or K road as it is more commonly known as is a famous strip of road in Auckland for many reasons, it has had a mixed history both good and bad but it is mostly remembered and celebrated for its diverse culture and offerings. Located at the top of Queen street, we’re going to take you on a small journey down a stretch of road that has defined Auckland’s Diversity for years.

One of K Road’s crowning glories is its divine selection of chic vintage boutique stores. For all you vintage and second-hand clothing fanatics out there, you’ll want to make sure this stretch of wonder is on your to-do list as it collects some of the most sought-after second-hand stores in Auckland, including Paper Bag Princess, American vintage, Metro Retro, and Thriftway just to name a few.

K Road also features some of Auckland most diverse and famous restaurants and cafes that can appeal to all pallets, including middle eastern, vegetarian, European and more. Some of our favourites include famed local vegetarian outlet Lord of The Fries, a burger joint for vegetarians that is to die for, Carmen Jones is a staple of the strip that offers a large selection of local flavours and is frequented by many local celebrities.

A visit to K Road isn’t the same without a stop at St. Kevin’s Arcade, which features local small business, cafes, Auckland’s famous dive bars, and local art galleries as well. Lets start with the dive bars – if you are looking for an iconic night out in Auckland’s underground, Whammy Bar and The Wine Cellar are to local stalwarts that need to be seen to be believed, you can visit these bars most nights and catch a local musical act tearing up the stage and enjoy a bevy of beers on tap. As for the shopping you can choose between vintage American clothing stores, second-hand bookstores or support a selection of local small businesses offering haircuts, flowers, food, or massages!

K Road is most infamous for its nightlife, and you can choose from a classic location, or some newly opened venues, there is plenty to choose from! These can be the aforementioned whammy and wine cellar dive bars for local live music, Neck of the Woods for some quirky but modern happenings, the thirsty dog offers your classic New Zealand Pub offers and the famous Family Bar is also not to be missed!

So if you have a day to kill in the city and want to get the most local and diverse offering in Auckland, you can’t go any further than K Road.

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